Требования к оформлению статей


File format and size      Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX format
LengthBetween 5 and 8 pages, formatted according to the requirements
LanguagePlease write your text in good English. Check spelling and grammar prior to submission
FontTimes New Roman, 14 pt.
Layout and spacingorientation: portrait margins (Top, Bottom, Left, Right): 2.0 cm each line spacing: 1,5
References  References are listed at the end of the manuscript and numbered in alphabet order. In the text, the reference number and the page in the source material are  is in square brackets. e.g. [1, p. 34–35], [1, с. 34–35; 3, с.45].
FootnotesNot permitted.
Tables  Tables and pictures should be located at appropriate points in the text, between paragraphs. They should have table numbers and titles in font 13 pt. min. A table’s number and title should be placed below the table
Title14 pt.upper case bold letterscenteredcontractions ant abbreviations are not permitted
Abstractthe aim, methods of the research, the results, their novelty, fields of application, conclusion.
Keywords3-10 keywords or phrases that reflect the content of the manuscript
Bibliography and appendixbibliography and appendix

The name of the first file should contain word “request” e.g. “John Green request”. The name of the second file should contain word “manuscript” e.g. “John Green manuscript”