of the Interuniversity Student Scientific-Practical Conference with International Participation «Public Relations as a Brand Awareness Booster»
4 October, 2021

10:00- 12:00 Plenary Session


1.    Angela Higgins, MBA from the University of Toronto, undergraduate Sessional Instructor at Concordia University of Edmonton (Canada): «Branding: Even More Important Now in the Age of Social Media»

2.    Elena Yu. Vorobieva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior lecturer, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia): «Color in consumer space»

12:00 -18:00 Session 1

PR campaigns examples. Tactics, strategies and measure of success

1.    Yanqiu Zhao: “How can the Public Relations Build as a Brand Awareness Booster”

2.    Anastasia Usynina, Anastasia Vasilkovskaya: “IKEA PR Campaigns: from «Design and Quality» to «The Wonderful Everyday”

3.    Evgeniya Yan, Diana Shepeleva: “Kaspersky. lab or Kaspersky? Restyling as a path to success”

4.    Polina Nechipas, Tatyana Getman: “VS Collective: Will Victoria’s Secret conquer the modern female collective?”

5.    Diana Gadzhieva, Yulia Orekhova: “How Tiffany & Co. Built a Diamond Digital PR Strategy”

6.    Maria Kalashnikova, Alexandra Schepilova: “Yandex: from a Russian searching system to a giant corporation”

7.    Anna Mesropyan: “How KFC turned their worst nightmare into a positive PR”

8.    Marouane: “Digital marketing”

12:00 -18:00 Session 2

International public relations (PR) 

1.    Nikita Akulov, Olga Bezumova: “Social networks as a means of a product promotion on the market”

2.    Davlatbek Davlatov: “PR development in Germany”

3.    Maria Kireeva: “PR evolution in France.”

4.    Alexandra Sherne: Gaming as a tool for forming HR-brand IT-companies (international and Russian experience)

5.    Ivan Kozinets: “Public diplomacy in strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations and developing national public opinion and awareness”

6.    Olga Yakovleva, Kristina Svirskaya, Tatyana Romanova, Elena Dalidchik: “Features of public relations in the non-profit sector — social idea as PR”

7.    Anastasia Usynina, Anastasia Vasilkovskaya: “No Need to Fly – Around the World in Germany: German Rail Staycation PR Campaign”

8.    Xiaohui Huang: “International business”